Seeking Perfection: The Book of Genesis
Starts This Thursday — October 30
  • Why was the world created imperfect?
  • Why do we sometimes feel like the world is upside down?
  • Is the human search for permanent happiness a result of our arrogance, or is it part of G‑d’s plan for us?
  • Why are we here?

Explore the first book of the Torah like never before.
An unprecedented presentation of the beginnings of
our universe, in a highly professional, innovative,
academically rigorous yet accessible format.

Thursday Nights, October 30 – January 1 @ 8:00pm
Instructor: Rabbi Sholom Deitsch
FEE: $ 25 (includes text book)


Have you ever thought to yourself: I'd like to learn more Torah, or at at higher or deeper level, but I need to start at the beginning? This is the perfect opportunity to do so.