Mind2Mind 5779

  • Mind2Mind learning utilizes the "Chaburah" style of study in which small groups encounter a text led by a more experienced guide.

    -Wednesday evenings

    -Suggested donation- $50 per Semester (Includes class material)

    -8-9 pm

    -Light Refreshments served

  • Session 1- Inner Light

  • Dates: 6 Wednesdays, October 10- November 14

     Join as we explore the Inner Light of the Torah on a variety of levels.

    -Advanced Talmud- The Intent Behind Mitzvos

    -Chassidus- (Re)Discovering the Tanya 

    - Begginers Class- Intro to Jewish Mysticism- A historic and thematic tour

    -Sichos- The Rebbe on 19 Kislev

    -Women's Group-????? 

  • Session 2- Ethics

  • Date: 5 Wednesdays- December 12- January 23

     How can we know Right from Wrong, and how can we implement that in our lives?

    -Advanced Talmud- Lifnei Iver- Modern Day Stumbling Blocks. What is our responsibility?

    -Chassidus- Derech Mitzvosecha- The rational for the commandments

    -Beginners Class- Modern Moral Dilemmas- Join an exploration of hot button items from a Jewish perspective.

    -Sichos- ???

    -Women- ??? 

  • Session 3- Jewish Survival

  • Dates- January 9- March 13

    Against all odds the Jewish people have survived all of the vicissitudes of history. Get ready for Purim and discover how we did and continue to do it. 

    -Advanced Talmud- The Mitzvah to "remember" our greatest foe- Amalek

    -Chassidus- Learn how our "crushing" historical and existential experience has and can bring out the best in us!

    Beginners Class- Why do they hate us? Anti-semitism and the Jewish Response

    Sichos- The Rebbe on Purim

  • Session 5- The Future

  • Dates- 5 Wednesdays- July 10- August 7

    In a world of chaos and confusion, what does the future hold? What is the Jewish vision of tomorrow? Join us for our Summer session and be ready to be surprised!

    -Advanced Talmud- We will discuss the discusses the general concept of Taaneisim (Fasts); specifically, the four fast days memorializing different tragedies associated with the Churban Habayis (Destruction of the Temple).

    -Chassidus- Do we really believe in Resurrection? What does that mean and how does it work?

    -Beginners Class- Why is Jesus not the Messiah? What is the Jewish concept of Messiah?

     Sichos- The Rebbe on Moshiach

    Women's Group- ??? 

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