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Changes at GMU Chabad

To our Dear Community, Friends and Supporters,

Thank you.

Thank you for joining us on the journey that has been Chabad at GMU for these past 8 years.

With your love and help we have built an organization that has supported and impacted 1000s of Jewish students at GMU.

We will be forever thankful for and cherish the support, guidance and relationships we have received.

Chabad at GMU is ready for its next step.

Together with our children Yaakov, Chaim and Davey we will be moving this August to Atlanta, GA to join the growing Chabad community there. Raizel will be pursuing her degree in Social Work and Rabbi Mendel will be pursuing opportunities including a Masters Degree and PhD in Jewish studies.

We would like to introduce the new dynamic family that will be heading Chabad at GMU into its next era, Rabbi Ezra and Bracha Weimer!

Rabbi Ezra was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He studied at Jewish learning institutes nationwide and  received his rabbinical ordination from Kollel Tiferet Menachem in LA. Rabbi Ezra loves to be outside, meet new people, and make age-old Torah ideas relevant to people today.

Bracha is from Newton, Massachusetts. She graduated from GW with a degree in psychology and a focus on developmental education. She spent every winter and summer break during college learning about Judaism, including at Mayanot and Machon Alte seminaries in Israel. Bracha loves cooking and bringing people together over a delicious Shabbat spread!

Rabbi Ezra and Bracha, together with their toddlers Mendel and Moshe Leib, are dedicated to connecting with every Jewish student at George Mason. From holiday services to engaging social programs and everything in between, the Wiemer family is ready to be the new home away from home for Jewish students!

Rabbi Ezra can be reached at [email protected]. Bracha can be reached at [email protected]

Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions, recommendations and words of welcome!


With love and sincere appreciation,

Rabbi Mendel and Raizel Deitsch

Rabbi Sholom Deitsch

P.S- Stay posted for a farewell Kiddush date!

Message from the Rabbi

Coming on the heels of Shavuot, when we celebrate receiving the Torah, we now have a short week to catch up on the longest reading in the entire Torah.

One of the reasons the portion is so long is because it contains a detailed description of the gifts brought by the leaders of the tribes to dedicate the altar in the desert.

Twelve tribes and twelve leaders; that takes up a nice chunk of real estate. But here's the thing: All twelve leaders brought the exact same gifts, yet the Torah still details each offering as if it was unique to that individual.

This serves as an important reminder that the service of every Jew is important, even if everyone else is doing the exact same thing. This is especially significant when praying and reciting the exact same words as everyone else. The words and the offerings may be the same, but G‑d still views each one as unique and deserving of special recognition.

Don't focus on what others are or aren't doing, focus on your own special connection to G‑d.

Shabbat shalom,

Gan Izzy Summer Camp!  

Read all about it here!

Gan Israel Pre-School  

Enrollment for Gan Israel Preschool Fall 2022-23 is open! 

Enrollment to the Gan Israel Preschool is open, and we are excited to announce that we are re-opening an 18-month class for the upcoming school year with our beloved Morah Beth Weller.

AND.... We are thrilled to announce a wonderful new director for Gan Israel Preschool for the upcoming school year 2022-23: Debbie Howard.

Debbie is a native of Northern Virginia and taught preschool for 10 years before getting her Masters in Early Childhood Education from GMU. She was the Preschool Director at Agudas Achim Preschool for three years before stepping away to have her second child. Debbie lives with her husband and two sons in Fairfax.

Please join us in welcoming Debbie, Beth, and all of our fabulous preschool teachers back for the 2022-2023 school year!

Click here to Refer a Friend to any of the 18 month-Pre K Classes.

Services at Chabad of NoVa — The Return of Daily Minyanim!  

Daily shacharis services are running seven days per week.  Our current schedule is: 

  • Sunday 8:30 am
  • Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am
  • Friday evenings, 10 minutes after candle lighting
  • Shabbat 9:30 am, Mincha/Ma'ariv approx 10 minutes before candle lighting time (of the evening before)

On special days, and on federal holidays, our schedule might be different.  Check with the shul.

On Yamim Tovim, we generally follow the Shabbat schedule, above

Shabbat Times
Candle Lighting Times for
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Jun. 10
8:16 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Jun. 11
9:23 pm
Torah Portion: Naso

It's not too late to sponsor a kiddush this week!

Please contact the shul to help sponsor, or m ark your special occasion

Daily Thought
Multiple Reflections

Go out on a clear night and see the moon reflected in the water of a lake. Then see the very same moon reflected in a pond, in a teacup, in a single drop of water.

So the same essential truth is reflected within each person who studies Torah, from a small child who knows only the story to a great sage who plumbs its inner secrets.

Daily Quote
Every effort is guaranteed to have an effect
— Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch
You can make a difference!  

The Friendship Circle of Northern Virginia was founded on the idea that within each person is a soul, regardless of any limitations that may surround it, regardless of whatever natural gifts we may have or lack, regardless of what obstacles and challenges we may confront, our souls are sacred and worthy of boundless love.

The Friendship Circle touches so many...

… The child with special needs looks forward to weekly visits from his or her teenage friends.

… The teenage volunteer learns the value of giving, and cherishes the experience of making a difference in a child’s life.

… The child’s family gets a needed respite, and the pleasure of seeing their child become part of the community circle.

Read more here!  Donate to Friendship Circle

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The Parshah In A Nutshell

Parshat Naso

Completing the headcount of the Children of Israel taken in the Sinai Desert, a total of 8,580 Levite men between the ages of 30 and 50 are counted in a tally of those who will be doing the actual work of transporting the Tabernacle.

G‑d communicates to Moses the law of the sotah, the wayward wife suspected of unfaithfulness to her husband. Also given is the law of the nazir, who forswears wine, lets his or her hair grow long, and is forbidden to become contaminated through contact with a dead body. Aaron and his descendants, the kohanim, are instructed on how to bless the people of Israel.

The leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel each bring their offerings for the inauguration of the altar. Although their gifts are identical, each is brought on a different day and is individually described by the Torah.