Our comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program is designed to promote each child's intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth. All games and activities are skill based and goal oriented, so that the children grow with everything that they do.

The curriculum at our school is based on age-appropriate developmentally accepted practices. The classroom set up is comprised of learning centers which include blocks, art, dramatic play, books, manipulative and scientific discovery. These centers allow the children to have choices and to actively explore. They learn by interacting with their peers, teachers and the objects in their environment.

The daily schedule is planned to include active and quiet times, gross and fine motor activities and child initiated, as well as staff initiated, activities. Outdoor (weather permitting) or indoor play is scheduled each day.


We encourage the children to develop self motivation and active investigational skills. This is accomplished through questioning, exploring, observing, and problem solving. Our well equip science center is a useful learning tool in aiding this process.


We encourage each child to work and play with others, to develop language communication skills, to respect the rights and privacy of their peers and most of all to develop feelings of kindness, courtesy, helpfulness and acceptance.


Children are provided constant opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills, finger strength and dexterity, and hand eye coordination. Our 5 acre campus with fields and our two age specific playgrounds are a fun way to implement these activities. Our enclosed deck is available for rainy days.


Children are encouraged to develop a positive self image, to understand the difference between right and wrong and to develop a sense of responsibility. They are encouraged to recognize that people are different and to be accepting of these differences.


Lesson plans at Gan Israel Preschool integrate Jewish life and learning into the general curriculum. This integration allows the child to view the world through a Jewish lens.

During the season of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, when it is traditional to dip apple into honey and blow the shofar (a ram's horn), we take the opportunity to make the holiday a scientific experience. The children learn about apples, honeybees and how they make honey and about the different kinds of animals with antlers. During Chanukah, when it is traditional to light a Menorah in the home, the children learn about fire safety, firefighters and how they help our communities. This is the pattern our curriculum follows throughout the year and provides the children with experiences that give them pride in their tradition.