2's, 3's, and Pre-K Programs- 2, 3, and 4 year olds

Our Preschool and Pre-K programs emphasize life skills, language development, mathematical concepts and aspects of Jewish life. We also incorporate art, music, and physical fitness.

Life Skills

A child is attracted to activities that give him independence and control of his own life. One of the most important needs of a young child is to develop his muscles and coordinate his movements. This need is addressed through life exercises such as sweeping, polishing, carrying and pouring water, and other common activities. Special materials enable the child to practice tying, buttoning, snapping, and the use of many other fastening devices. The purpose of these exercises is to develop concentration, the ability to pay attention to details and good work habits. These activities provide the foundation on which the child approaches more intricate academic exercises.


The skills developed in our preschool program give the child the tools that he needs to develop language acquisition and reading and writing skills at his own pace.  The classroom is filled with books, games and manipulatives that children can use to explore language. This exploration is a precursor to the development of literacy skills. Teachers encourage language development through peer interactions, imaginative play, and teacher led activities. 


The child is surrounded by numbers and mathematical relationships throughout the preschool day.  On any given day the child will explore numeral concepts while discussing the daily calendar or the number of steps to the playground.  The classroom materials provide other opportunities to play with math concepts including rulers, blocks, scales, containers and puzzles.

 Jewish Life

 Our preschool is dedicated to enriching the Jewish experience of the child and his family.  Parents are invited to participate in holiday and Shabbat celebrations.  Opportunities include a Havdallah family service, a model seder, a Chanukah program, a Purim carnival and a weekly Shabbat sing-a-long.  Our curriculum stresses Jewish values as an aid in helping children navigate their world.