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Buy Lulav and Etrog - 2019

Buy Lulav and Etrog - 2019
"You shall take for yourselves...the fruit of a citron tree, the branches of date palms, twigs of a plaited tree, and brook willows." (Leviticus 23) During the Holiday of Sukkos, we observe the Mitzvah of the Lulav & Esrog (The Four Kinds). We are pleased to make this beautiful Mitzvah available to every family in our community. Chabad is offering a special opportunity of ordering your own Lulav and Etrog set from the Holy Land, Israel. These sets will be shipped to Chabad in time for Sukkot. It is a beautiful custom for each family to have their own set for Sukkot, as this is a very special Mitzvah.
We are offering two types of Lulavim/Esrogim sets: a Standard set and a Deluxe set. Both sets are Kosher. The Esrog in the Deluxe set is of a higher Halachic quality as defined by our Sages.

You will be notified when the sets have arrived at Chabad. Please plan to pick up your set before the holiday. Note that lulavim must be assembled - please allot enough time to allow your lulav to be assembled,
Buy Luluv and Etrog   Sep 19 - Oct 23, 2019
 Reservations for this event segment is closed.