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Shmurah Matzah Order Form

Shmurah Matzah Order Form
Handmade Shmurah Matzah Order Form

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Shmurah Matzah: (lit. “matzah that has been watched”); matzah
prepared under exacting supervision from the time the wheat is
harvested through the end of the baking to guard against the
minutest moisture.

It is a mitzvah that the Passover matzot be made specifically
for the purpose of fulfilling the obligation to eat matzot on
Passover, as the verse (Exodus, 12:17) states: You shall
guard the matzot. The matzah must be guarded to ensure
that it does not become chametz; matzah which was not
guarded may not be used on Passover.
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Shmurah Matzah Order Form   Apr 18, 2019
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