Cteen meets every Sunday of the school year excluding major holidays. Cteen follows the Fairfax County Public School calendar. Regular hours are from 6:00pm until 8:30pm. If Cteen is going on a trip or a community service project you will be notified in advance of the timing for the event. Cteen discussions are led by Rabbi Adler.

The cost of Cteen is $360 for the entire year. This price in includes supper every Sunday night. There will be additional costs for trips and Shabbatons, although some of the trip costs may be defrayed through grants and donations. Scholarships for students in need are available- no one will be turned away because of lack of funds. Contact Rabbi Adler at: 703-426-1980.

Cteen is based on a three part framework. It delivers a comprehensive curriculum of an Educational, Humanitarian, and Social component.


Cteen places education at the forefront. Each program starts off with a discussion on a variety of topics pertaining to a teenager’s life and how Judaism would deal with that particular topic. Cteen help build leadership skills, project planning, and management skills, with strong emphasis on personal responsibility. We do our best to create in each teenager a strong Jewish identity and character.


Cteen helps build compassion toward others by giving back to the community through humanitarian projects. This will add a sense of achievement and purpose for your child, creating a positive feeling while strengthening their core values. Volunteering will help develop important life skills, build academix skills, and will enhance their character traits.


On a social level, Cteen builds skills through positive affiliations. Group affiliations are the key to building high self-esteem and shaping the integrity of your child. Cteen participants will enjoy trips and Shabbatons throughout the year.