Your member will be able to share ideas, friendship and fun with girls who are on the same Bat Mitzvah journey. Once she's joined the Bat Mitzvah Club, you’ll have given her the best gifts of all: self-confidence, Jewish pride and lasting friendships. These truly are gifts that last a lifetime.


Seriously. They do.

We talk. We craft. We eat. It's like a cycle of perfection.

Our meetings touch on issues that your member will deal with every day. Not sure how she'll handle that C on her test? Upset that her parents just don’t get it? Can’t handle the pressure of her upcoming Bat Mitzvah? That’s why we’re here - along with her new best friends - in the safe zone. Nothing is off topic and no judgements are made.

We're here for her.

And we’re here to eat, of course. Ice cream sundae parties, cookies, fruit, challah, you name it, we might try it.

It's that kind of good time.