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We are pleased that you are considering Gan Israel Preschool to meet the early childhood education needs for your child. Choosing a school that supports Jewish values and teachings is one of the most significant decisions your family will ever make. I am confident that you will be pleased with the quality and dedication of our staff, the curriculum, and our outstanding facilities.

Gan Israel Preschool welcomes families from all walks of Jewish life to its preschool. Please read on below for more on the admissions process.

Admissions Process

1. Application Forms

Parents are to complete and submit a "Student Application Form" for each child. A non-refundable application fee of $50 must accompany this application.
Student Application.pdf

Before your child enters school, we will need a signed Certificate of Immunization Status and the Family/Medical Information sheet.

2. School Visit (currently suspended due to Covid restrictions- our director would be happy to take you on a virtual tour)

All families are invited to tour the school and talk informally with the staff. Our director will give you a tour of our facility and get to know your individual interests and expectations.

3. Notification

Parents will be notified  as soon as a space is available for their child.

If you need assistance in completing the application, or for any other information, please call the office at (703) 426-1980 or email [email protected]